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Successful operation of a beauty salon in a modern metropolis requires a more careful approach to advertising than simply relying on word of mouth. In the conditions of high competition in this industry, an effective beauty salon promotion strategy must necessarily include thoughtful advertising and active presence in the online space.

Like any other business, beauty salons have their unique characteristics, knowledge of which can be useful. This is necessary to conduct advertising campaigns that are not only effective but also financially justified, contributing not only to survival but also to active development.

The main strategies for promoting beauty salons are diverse. Some methods require financial investments and can be quite costly, while others are free and should be used wisely. Managing a beauty salon is a business with high expenses, so rational spending on advertising is extremely important.

Advertising investments should justify themselves by providing not only visible results but also stimulating the active development of the business.

One example of a successful promotion of a beauty salon website is

SMM for a beauty salon

SMM for a beauty salon

Promoting a beauty salon on Instagram

The service industry, especially beauty salons, derives maximum benefits from social media promotion, primarily on Instagram. This is because the visual aspect plays a key role in the beauty industry, and Instagram is the ideal platform for visually showcasing services.

Advertising a beauty salon on Instagram provides a unique opportunity to present all the advantages of the service to potential clients, reaching the target audience through targeted advertising.

Instagram offers several ideal formats for advertising a beauty salon. Posts with high-quality photos, aligned with a well-thought-out content plan, are intended for a targeted audience. Stories are supported by short motivational videos, existing for only 24 hours, to maintain subscriber loyalty and stimulate them to take specific actions. The new Reels format on Instagram allows creative use of music, special effects, and AR masks, making videos more attractive and memorable.

Practical cases of successful beauty salon promotion on Instagram can serve as examples for developing your own unique strategy.

Thus, creating a business account on Instagram and registering on Google Ads are the first steps in promoting a beauty salon. The cost of targeted advertising depends on the competitive environment in your city and varies based on the current situation.


TikTok offers an exciting and original format for promoting beauty salons on social media, although it requires a non-traditional creative approach and time investment. This platform allows vivid demonstrations of amazing transformations of salon clients in "before and after" format, as well as the creation of fun, entertaining, and memorable short videos that showcase the salon's processes and interesting events.

Unlike Instagram, where high-quality photos with short ad captions may suffice for successful targeted advertising, TikTok requires creating videos that capture attention from the first seconds and keep the viewer's interest until the end. However, it's worth noting that producing such videos may require significant financial investment.

Considering that TikTok's audience is predominantly youthful, age differences with Instagram and Facebook users underscore the importance of working with various social platforms for maximum reach of the target audience. If the budget is limited, preference should still be given to Instagram, given the importance of regular content updates. Consistent social media activity sustains audience interest, while a lack of posts can lead to a loss of attention.


For promoting a beauty salon on social media, a strategy commonly employed is collaborating with influencers – influential individuals with a broad audience. These bloggers, possessing a substantial number of followers, represent authoritative opinions in the beauty industry. Additionally, influencers may include well-known media personalities, such as artists and TV hosts.

Advertising a beauty salon on an influencer's page on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Telegram can yield excellent results.

However, the financial benefit for salon owners depends on the balance between the cost and popularity of the influencer, as well as the quality of the advertising content.

Experience shows that influencer collaborations are mainly accessible for expensive salons in major cities, while in regions, especially smaller towns, such advertising may be less effective.

Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My Business is an essential (and free!) tool for promoting a beauty salon. In a time when customers are searching for such establishments locally, having an accurate location on Google Maps, a high rating, and numerous positive reviews on Google become key factors for the success of a salon.

However, filling out the salon's profile on Google My Business requires a serious approach.

Maximizing the profile's completion, using relevant keywords that attract customers, becomes the key to successful free online advertising. These keywords for your salon can be determined by search engine optimization (SEO) specialists.


An indisputably crucial element of a successful promotion strategy for a beauty salon is reviews on popular local websites, such as This tool plays a key role in shaping the reputation, and these platforms should feature positive reviews from real clients. The more such reviews, the better. It is essential to actively work on obtaining and maintaining positive reviews, excluding outdated ones, as fresh customer opinions carry more weight.

Motivating clients to write good reviews is important, and there are numerous ways to stimulate this process, such as offering discounts on their next visit or providing a complimentary service. A creative and personalized approach is crucial in this regard.

If, for any reason, the salon's reputation comes under attack – be it dissatisfied customers or even actions from competitors – it is crucial to react quickly. Online Reputation Management (SERM) becomes an indispensable element in such cases.

Seeking assistance from specialists in this field will help resolve issues quickly and effectively. It is important to remember that if negative reviews are linked to real problems in the quality of services provided, the top priority is improving the quality of service in the salon.

Website Promotion

Website Promotion

For small beauty salons, especially in provincial areas, creating a full-fledged website may seem impractical due to additional costs. Instead, a prestige-focused landing page can be highly effective. It can be used for promoting the salon on social media, especially when using targeted advertising.

As for SEO promotion, it may only be justified for major players in the industry, such as cosmetic clinics offering a variety of services. A well-planned SEO strategy can help secure leading positions for the company's most profitable services and promote related offerings.

Creating and promoting a website for a salon network has its advantages, particularly in building a steady flow of potential clients. An optimized website attracts organic traffic, which is a significant advantage compared to paid advertising campaigns.

It is important to note that promotion strategies should be tailored to the specific nature of the salon and its target audience. Effective engagement with social media and judicious use of resources can be more crucial than creating a complex website in certain cases.

Promoting a beauty salon online
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